Loch Ness Monster
Information Status
Cryptid Name Loch Ness Monster
English Name Loch Ness Monster
japanese Name ネス湖の怪獣 (Nesu-ko no kaijū)
Spanish Name Loch Ness Monster
Greek Name Τέρας του Λοχ Νες
Grouping Cryptid
Sub-Grouping Lake Monster
Race Plesiosaurs
1st Sight 565 (Retrospectively)

1802 (Chronologically)

Last Sight 2014
Gender Presumably Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Country Scotland
Region Loch Ness
Habitat Water
Powers None

Nessie is a large creature alleged to live in the deep waters of Loch Ness. Reports of its existence date from the time of St. Columba (6th century); despite recent scientific expeditions, there is still no proof of its existence.

1st Sighting: St. Columba 6th Century